Monday, June 1, 2009

What NOT To Do / Say

Cameron from Get the Stink Off  has a very wise tale for us today. Very wise. Cameron is a husband and father of two young children who proclaims himself to be a computer nerd, power napper, fire starter and keeper of the lawn.  Please visit his blog for more sage advice.

Last week, my wife started working a slightly different shift.  Instead of working 9 to 5:30, she is now working 8 to 4:30.  It's worked out really well for both of us, we're actually able to sit down and eat dinner as a family.

Anyway, because she's been having to leave earlier, I've been helping get the kids ready in the morning.  One might even say I'm going above and beyond, even.  It takes me about 40 minutes for me to get showered and dressed, and get the kids dressed and fed.  It takes her about the same amount of time to blow dry her hair.....but I digress.

So as the end of the week approaches, I noticed the wife is extraordinarily cranky.  She is  being short with the kids and myself.  At this point, I'm a little upset because I've been busting my hump all week helping get everybody ready to go, besides doing all the normal household work.  So I finally asked my wife, "Are you still taking your meds, because you've been a crank-*#s all week?"  Surprisingly, she did NOT become pleasant immediately following that remark. 

This is the first, of possibly many, lessons in what not to do / say.



Anjeny said...

LOL. Yeah're right, it definitely not the best thing to say to your wife when she's already cranky.

Although I can understand the need for you say that to her. Since this is a new schedule for her, give her time to get adjusted to it.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

OH MY GOSH Cameron... I love that you wrote about this. You are a very brave man! :) Well I'd have probably drop kicked you or WORSE did something to your fingers so you couldn't blog...

But then I'm always perfect so I probably would NEVER have been moody!!! lol!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Do you have a death wish? lol

I would sincerely avoid saying anything like that in the future!

Cameron said...

You'll notice I DID NOT link to this post from my main blog....didn't want the wife tracking this one down :)

valerie said...

lol! That was funny. Sorry. I said something similar to the hubby yesterday. It was hot out, he was working on the house and we had no ice. He became a major cranky pants. I asked him who let him out the psych ward!

Anonymous said...

Dang man I understand completely!!!
Never ever let em get off the meds! I have asked the same thing except mine was just for her to go see if they had meds to help her, I was quickly informed I waas on the fast track to needing meds as well as emergency services!

I do envy something you said though. I wish the bride was as fast a hair dryer as yours!

Youngblood4ever said...

WOW! You have some serious guts- or are just brain damaged! I just can't imagine WHY she wasn't jumping with joy and oozing happiness after you brought her crankiness to her attention (this is to be said with TONS of sarcasm).